Puerto Rico 2 Re_Start 2019

director prof. Martha Kohen


Design Lab 5 Array of Resilient Constellations
Design Lab 3 Basin Based Approach

Anna Irene Del Monaco, Antonino Saggio Link to Lectures 2019, 2018
with advice of Lucio Barbera


Student participants

Sabrina Luengo A
Meaghan Nguyen A
Mannuel Fort A

Grace Infanta B
Hans Milian B


Final Presentation



Tentative Definition

A costellation is a conceptual construct
to connect discrete entities in a meaningful way

Does it work?

Stars and Constellations, it seems yes


Conceptual art

Walter de Maria

The Lighting field

Lightins rods that describe a field and then constellations






DealingWith Reservoir is an important element of relevance and at the same time of crisis.





A Work package that include a set of actions


We have analysed resorvoir dividing the class in two gropups. Each Goup had a + and - criteria to select reservois

Group A

+ Attractive (natural, touristc, views ecctetera)

- Lack of Caeessability


Group B

+ productive (amaount of water, power electricity ecctera)

- Close to abandonment


Out ot this criteria four differnte constellations of reservoir were done


City Centers


In the Puertorico island 12 major cities were found accordinglt with this web site

Again the two goups have analysed the cities to creat four diffent constelations


Us. census for data on the population


Group A

+ Potential Urban prodcutivity

- MAjor abondenment


Group B

+ Attrattivo (tourist beauty eccetera)

- More isoleted


Now the work should inslude a Realist" set of actions that will take into consideration

A. A loop ecologicagle suitable action. In putting together plus and mius of differnt ascpect. So that the minsu became a resource or a strengt in the related with the plus action. This working packages can be proposed to acivited processe lookin at the island as a seyt of interellated options.

Arecibo Nauralizzazione and use of abandonded lot

What you do with it


Castel Monastery...Detroit





Presentation professor. Edmund Colon - Restart Puerto rico 2

Plan de uso de terrenos = jp.pr.gov


Important research inputs

by Nastashia A. Rivera Feliciano
Community Planning LeadLocal Hire

Community Planning / Capacity Building (CPCB)
National Disaster Recovery Support (NDRS) / DR4339-PR

Flow of currents, discharges, floods, drought, among other factors.

The topographic maps of all the municipalities of the Island.

The levels of the reservoirs according to the P.R. Aqueduct and Sewer Authority

Reservoirs current conditions – USGS PR

The information of the structures, plots, appraisals, historical places, qualification of the territory, among others.

Treatment plants of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority of P.R.

Río de la Plata – levee – USACE


Important reference example in the work of

West 8