Graduation Thesis/Tesi di Laurea

Advisor A. Saggio.

Univ. La Sapienza, Facoltà di Architettura L. Quaroni Roma 2007
Vuoto a rendere. Come reinterpretare alla luce di un nuovo sistema di distribuzione e di comportamento un luogo come il mercato rionale in terminale di una rete ecologica attiva. Un esempio nel quartiere Appio Latino a Roma.

Vanina Ballini AA 07-08 discussa febbraio 2009 Relatore A. Saggio


"Returnable System": how to re-interpret places like local markets inside the "Terminal of an active ecological network ", in the light of a new distribution and behaviour system.
An example in the Appio-Latino district in Rome.

The graduation thesis suggest a strategy, that through the introduction of a "new distribution system" could set up a new way to think and improve the urban ecologic-environmental situation. The distribution system we are talking about is the "draught distribution", capable of responding to contemporary needs and of interpreting a new way of "creating the environment and society".
The location of urban sector in which apply the "strategy" allow us to detect a network of commercial areas, composed of supermarkets and local markets, that show the potentiality of the proposal and specify the planning area location converting into a "terminal of an active ecological network".
Local markets have always been strong elements of the economic and social identity of Rome; are places that allow people to get in touch with wealth of experiences and sensations that few others are able to offer, and where more than anywhere else, the change that the city undergoes are anticipated. That's why the chosen of this place as the "heart" of the project.
The introduction in the local market of the new distribution method involves a series of reflections about environment especially on waste problem, sustainability and recycling, in a contemporary vision and future perspective of local market evolution.
The hybridization and the mixit¸ of instruments and involved people lets understand that the building must be multifunctional to fulfil the needs of the modern society, so the local market is insert in a project of mixit¸ including culture, sport, living, office and green areas.
The "new centre" is to live as an "autonomous system" respect to the city, able to manage and process the waste materials, converting them into resources, to recycle rain and grey water, and to produce energy through natural systems and "eco-machines".
The idea that the market can also create a urban junction and influence a number of areas that are close to it, pushes us to create a system of powerful connections between public spaces and green areas in which to activate processes of a deep "urban recycling" transforming the new centre in a catalyst building. Reading the project on an infrastructural level leads us not only to the resolution of one single part of the city, but of its relationship with the urban network working on global flows and processes. (text by V. Ballini)


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