Liquid Strips
10 projects of Mixité on the river front of Pittsburgh

Saggio: FitzGibbon Studio IV

Antonino Saggio
FitzGibbon Visiting Professor Chair
Department of Architecture

ext.: 81963 mm204a

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Project Development: Structural Iteration

We are starting now a process of slow landing. This means that you are making decisions that will make your project plausible i.e.  builtable, functionable, aesthetically and technologically sound.
Naturally every point rotates around "the key" inside feature of the building as you have determined it.

Now we are in the cycle of Structural Iteration.

You have to produce 3 alternatives Structural Hypothesis for your building. You will evaluate pro and cons of several aspects: occupancy, functional aspects, consistency with the key inside feature.

You must first have 2 BASES (plan and section)  "in Scale hard line plan and section drawing" with the basic dimensions. You may also have in this base a basic  grid.

Overlap to the base another sheet  and free hand,  sketch in plan and in section your proposed structure.

Draw your structure in BLACK and FORCE IT (make it at least two times bigger that you imagine) and live in yellow the "non structural" elements.

For each of the 3 alternatives Produce:

A free hand expressive diagrammatic plan
A free hand expressive diagrammatic section
A hard drawing diagram with basic dimensions, grid if any,  major beams and floor trusses with two arrows when 2 supports  with one arrow for cantilever and one support.
A Short evaluation of pro and cons of each alternatives

Due as pin up: Monday 1:30