Liquid Strips
10 projects of Mixité on the river front of Pittsburgh

Saggio: FitzGibbon Studio IV

Antonino Saggio
FitzGibbon Visiting Professor Chair
Department of Architecture

ext: 81963 mm204a


Scope of the midterm review is to fix a point in your project discourse.
This presentaion is organized around three major topics.

1. The overall strategy.

You have to describe as your specific projects fits in the overall vision we are depicting in this course. If you want  you may read now this text, that gives the overall direction of what we are doing: Otherwise you can do "after" the mid term.

In particular:
A. Pittsburgh overall strategies and specifically The riverfront development plan
B. The idea of Information city in general and the idea of " the driving force" of your specific project.
C. The selection and characteristics of your specific site selection.
D. The detailed description of your project in terms of the program: its basic goal and a detailed breakdown into the main activities

Li = Living RED
Ex = Exchanging YELLOW gold
Cr = Creating ORANGE
Re = Rebuilding nature VIOLET
In = Infrastracturing BLU
E. A more specific breakdown at least in 5 sub categories for your main driving force and at least in 2 for the others.
D. A brief commentary of your client statement and comments concerning your proposal.
This part was basically  completed in The program presentation of September 28. It must be refined, fine tuned, and it must be easily and well seen from the web (be sure to have an home page "from which" you direct to subsequent sections) Pictures, diagrams and such are more than welcomed.
2. Hypothesis of overall design structure

In this section you are going to describe the 4 basic experimentations you carried out following the 4 techniques you have been exposed to.

A. The woven approach (Atelier 5, Sauer .....)
B. The urban scene approach (Gehry, Anselmi ....)
C. The layers approach. palinseste Eisenman, ii.. the montage Tschumi ....)
D. The "all" landscape approach (i. Hadid, ii. Eisenman b, iii. Miralles .....)

Briefly evaluate the pro and cons of each one concerning the point 1, above and particularly site, program, occupancy:

3. Chosen overall design strategies and structure

In this section you are going to present the hypothesis of overall design strategy for you picked program and site.

It is clear that this design strategy is coming as a result of all the previous work and evaluations and a series of materials have to be produced in order to present it in a consistent way.

A. Model. An overall model scheme of your proposal at scale 1" to 100' must be produced and inserted in the overall studio model. This is the fundamental product of this presentation

B. A series of diagram that show at scale 1" to 100'  or 1" to 50'  the main "systems" of your proposal

Green system
Circulation system
Open space system
Built system
Orientation Climate system
Functional system (follow the conventional color label)

Rough calculation of surface occupied by each. You may want to use an average of $150 dollars for built, of $50 for circulation, of $ 30 for open green space for square feet: Come up with a rough general cost of the operation.

C. A schematic site plan with shadows of the overall project and at least two sections 1" to 100'  or 1" to 50'.

D. A proposal for a more detailed project to be carried out in the second part of the semester. Knowing that it must include a relationship of building and open space around or defined by it.
In case of team work for the first part, this second is individual.
Be specific also for the program you are addressing.
An average size for this part it will be an area of 60000 square feet.

Presentation format and requirements

This presentation is going to be mainly web based, and it will be carried out from your home studio page.

This means that ideally also the drawings, scheme "and" model pictures are in digital format.

It will be performed around the overall physical of the site and then using the projectors different proposals.

Naturally this is the ideal way (and it will be definitely the format of the final presentation publication show I am envisioned). Some drawings can also be presented in paper for some specific reason.

I will invite the professors of IV year for a part of the review.

The review is Wednesday October 10, starting at 1:30.