Liquid Strips
10 projects of Mixité on the riverfront of Pittsburgh

Saggio: FitzGibbon Studio IV

Antonino Saggio
FitzGibbon Visiting Professor Chair
Department of Architecture

ext: 81963 mm204a

Key Feature: the Absolute Bang
name came collectively decided after democratic class discussion. It is an implcit Homage to Bruno Zevi

See The Movie

There is always in a good building a "key" spatial feature that you may describe with words and images. It is a magic characteristics that belongs only to architecture and that refers at the same time to scale, light, distribution. It gives the order (even if it can be spatially very disordered) of the building. It creates a hierarchy of other ancillary events and it guides in the overall building organization.

It is important that you develop a sensibility and a strategy for conceiving this key feature.  It is the basis to create and interrelate a lot of other features and characteristic of the building that must support the key feature.

This means that for Monday, in addition with what it has been already required, you are asked to produce a Key product that illustrates your proposed "spatial hit".
The key product can be a model, a perspective, a section perspective. It is "not" a plan You have also to "name" your specific key feature: plastic planes, corrugated sky whatever but must have a name.


1. The architectural promenade of Villa Savoye

The Guggenheim spiral Movement

The Undulating wave: Aalto+wave

The Inside sculptural garden Gehry Paris

 An italian Hill landscape The philarmonie of Scharoun

The castle central space and meeting room. The inside of Bryn Mawr or Exterer Library


A Movable organism from Bottom to Top Sant'ivo a La sapienza Borromini

6. Entre le deux di Tshumi Fresnoy


The Piranesian Gallery of Eisenman



The complex grids Wexner

The Metropolis  of Bilbao

Read the first chapter of AS' Book on Gehry. In english

The the living machine of  Koolhaas