Liquid Strips
10 projects of Mixite on the riverfront of Pittsburgh

Saggio: FitzGibbon Studio IV

Antonino Saggio
FitzGibbon Visiting Professor Chair
Department of Architecture

ext: 81963 mm204a

Woven Approach

Scope of the woven approach is to start attacking the platonical and mechanical difference between land and artifact of the "plate" approach.


No more Architecture is "a pure game of volumes under the Light" but it starts to become aninterlocking interweaving system of open and built space.

We may call the technique"geometrical"

On a site, on the "entire site", is
1. drawn a Grid (dimension, orientation characteristics of the grid naturally vary from case to case)
2. within the drawn grid, the designer starts to fill  the buildings and define through the building presence on the grid the characteristics and the story of the open space.
3. This system allows a continuous variation and flexible definition of space in the public, collective, semi collective, semi-private characteristics and it guarantees a compact interlocked environment carefully studied in itsoverall characteristics.

Louis Sauer is probably the best architect for this approach together with the swiss Atelier 5

Louis Sauer


Penn's Landing, Philadelphia


Atelier 5