Liquid Strips
10 projects of Mixité on the riverfront of Pittsburgh

Saggio: FitzGibbon Studio IV

Antonino Saggio
FitzGibbon Visiting Professor Chair
Department of Architecture

ext: 81963 mm204a


Five ordering principles of Tecnoformal

1. Silhouette.

See Bilbao

See Falling water

2. Chiaroscuro.

See Michelangelo

3. Attacking the sky
towers of kahn in Philadelphia




4. Attaching the ground
Penn's Landing

Sky and ground

5. The Rithm


other subprinciples;
texture, color, messages, billboard, deep flatness, scale big medium large


The Guggenheim spiral Movement

The Undulating wave: Aalto+wave

The Inside sculptural garden Gehry Paris

 An italian Hill landscape The philarmonie of Scharoun

The castle central space and meeting room. The inside of Bryn Mawr or Exterer Library

A Movable organism from Bottom to Top Sant'ivo a La sapienza Borromini

6. Entre le deux di Tshumi Fresnoy


The Piranesian Gallery of Eisenman

The complex grids Wexner

The Metropolis  of Bilbao

Read the first chapter of AS' Book on Gehry. In english

The the living machine of  Koolhaas