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E' uscito il libro Digital Gehry di Bruce Lindsey nella versione Italiana de La rivoluzione Informatica

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Read The Book Preface "Flying Carpets"

in Italian or in English

Follow the liason Utzon-Gehry

from its first  development (AS, Frank 0. Gehry, Testo e Immagine, Torino 1997)  to the "Domus" article a
 In italian  and below with a key paragraph in English:

" .... But Thirty years later , Gehry successfully executed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Utzon had to seek a geometric rationality of the forms in order to draw them first, and then to mass produced them. Now, thanks to computers, any form whtasoever can be  represented and the various contractors tendering will each suggest their own system for erecting it. On the thresold of the second millenium, the image is autonomous from the the form and construction too, has become independent."
Antonino Saggio, review of F. Fromonot Book, "Domus ",   # 808 October 1998 p. 114

Segui gli approfondimenti degli studenti

a seguito della Terza lezione
del Corso di progettazione architettonica assisita a La Sapienza che illustra una maniera circolare
a vortice di lavorare insieme in rete

Immagine di Edoardo Pinto, St. La Sapienza 2002

"Edoardo" <>

E Infine Un Immagine del fotografo Doug Aitken
Cortesy of B. Lindsey's Library



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