La Rivoluzione Informatica/ It Revolution In Architecture

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Derrick de Kerckhove,  The Architecture of Intelligence
Birkhäuser, Basilea 2001

A refreshingly unconventional look at architecture and the World Wide Web. Using Vitruvius' classical text De Arquitectura as a starting point, De Kerckhove begins a journey into the exciting world of the Internet. On the one hand he explores the architecture of this revolutionary mediums, on the other, he considers the wide-ranging opportunities which the IT world offers for architectonic design, revealing how this new medium for communication is as much based on tradition as on innovation.

Derrick de Kerckhove is the Director of the McLuhan Institute and Professor at the University of Toronto. His research into the effects of innovative technology on human communication, of new media on traditional culture have gained worldwide recognition.

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La Rivoluzione Informatica/ It Revolution In Architecture