La Rivoluzione Informatica/ It Revolution In Architecture

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Alicia Imperiale, New Flatness Surface tension in Architecture,
Birkhäuser, Basilea 2000 e
Nuove Bidimensionalità, Tensioni Superficiali nell'architettura digitale,
Testo&Immagine, Torino 2001

In recent architecture theory and practise there has been a tendency to refer to exteriors as a skin concealing an interior, as opposed to the traditional and more physical concepts of surface, flatness, and depth. The computer now enables the architect to call his design into life, free from the rigid material form, and view it as a flexible and interactive creation. In this book, the concepts of flatness and surface tension are examined in the light of virtual design and built reality.
A selection of projects are presented to show how the architects regard space and surfaces in modern architectural practice in a digital age.

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La Rivoluzione Informatica/It Revolution In Architecture