La Rivoluzione Informatica/ It Revolution In Architecture

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Francesco de Luca and Marco Nardini, Behind the Scene Avant -garde Techniques in Contemporary design, Birkhauser,Basilea 2002 e Dietro le quinteTecniche di avanguardia nella progettazione contemporanea,Testo&Immagine, Torino 2003

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Information technology has brought about a radical change in architectural design. The sketches and plans of yesterday have been transformed by CAD. In this book the authors cast a glance behind the scenes to provide a systematic overview of the tools and technical processes which are now an integral part of today´s design methods. The most important digital tools are presented, the principal steps are analysed, and the essential concepts are explained. The theoretical information is vividly illustrated by a selection of examples from the world of architecture.
A concise and accessible introduction to electronic designing, this book makes the subject easily comprehensible to all who are new to the field, and for those who already involved in digital designing it is a useful recapitulation and orientation.

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La Rivoluzione Informatica/ It Revolution In Architecture