La Rivoluzione Informatica/ It Revolution In Architecture

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Mirko Galli / Claudia Mühlhoff, Virtual Terragni, CAAD in Historical and Critical Research, Birkhäuser 1999 e Terragni Virtuale, il Caad nella ricerca critica e storica,Testo&Immagine, Torino 1999

Preface / Introduzione  "An Intelligent Model" by As

Traditionally architectural models took time to build, and once built, they were static creations. Now, however, the technology of CAAD enables complex designs to be represented, varied and analysed with great speed and accuracy. The models created are dynamic and easily modified.
This book shows how the electronic medium can be used to critically reconstruct unbuilt projects, looking in particular at projects by the famous Italian rationalist, Giuseppe Terragni. Four villas and several monument buildings are visually represented, their structures and functions examined and assessed using CAAD.

Mirko Galli (*1969) studied at the ETH Zürich and is a practising architect in Lugano. Claudia Mühlhoff (*1967) studied at the ETH Zürich and the TU Darmstadt where she now has her own architectural office.

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La Rivoluzione Informatica/It Revolution In Architecture

AS, Giuseppe Terragni Vita e Opere, Laterza, Roma 1995