Borsa valori dell'architettura
The new values in today architecture

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Antonino Saggio, "Interactivity" in  Promise and reality, Proceedings of the 2000 Ecaade Conference, Bauhaus Weimer 2000 (pp.239-243).

2.The Communication in Architecture

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Second concept that I want to address is that of Metaphorization and therefore that of rhetorical figures of speech. Information society changed the way we communicate, and it also changed the inner values we deal with.
The messages of our electronic age are ever more metaphorical and ever less assertive. It is the enormous mass of information that imposes links, though freer, more open links. An example? Advertising in the industrial world used to be assertive. This soap washes whiter; these jeans are more resistant. We know that advertising today sends out messages that are all figurative, all metaphorical. It induces, substantially through the use of rhetorical figures of speech, an association between a series of elements and the product; frequently without even showing the product and often without even describing it. The narration is bought first, the living utopia that the product promises, then its form, and it is absolutely taken for granted that this works. The container wins completely over the content.
But this process of metaphorization, induced by a sense which goes beyond industrial mechanisms to open up a freer and more multi-directional sphere of messages, this process based on the dynamic interconnections of the metaphor, permeates everything in our era. It is sufficient to look at the design and the sphere of architecture, itself more resistant to change.
A building is no longer good only if it works, is solid, spatially rich, livable, etc., but also because it recalls something other than itself. Libeskind traces a dramatic "Z" to tell the drama of the Holocaust; Eisenman, a dance of tellurian plates in his church; Gehry, a lotus flower in his auditorium; Domenig cracks and fissures which collide with one another in his house. We know that the process of metaphorization permeates a large part of the architecture of today and that its fundamental field is a new interiorization of the landscape and the relationship between man and nature. This has been learnt, or almost. In order to go further into still tough terrain, we must go to electronics and especially its center: interconnections. My point, that it will become clear at the end, is that we have to work not only to a first level methaphoriacal architecture, which is already here, but also to a second level of metaphorization that is indeed interconnected, inherently dynamic in a word "interactive". Letís make a step back to make two forwards.

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Antonino Saggio, "Interactivity" in  Promise and reality,
Proceedings of the 2000 Ecaade Conference, Bauhaus Weimer 2000 (pp.239-243).