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Texpo at NewYork city, Aprile 2004

At the Puck Building 295 Lafayette street, New York city is possible to visit the Installation Texpo  virtual exhibition on the Tiber .

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 Visit The Site Of The TExpo English Version !  (access of Twenty on line Installations)

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See The flash Presentation for Florence
See The flash Presentation for New York

English text
The 2003 students of Saggio Class at La Sapienza worked all together for a virtual exhibition called Texpo 03. Twenty five designed installations, each inserted in a specific lot within an harmonic masterplan that is redefining the river bank as a sequence of emerging door sills, give shape to the different vocations on the area. The installations can all be seen from the link below. In The New York installation students sending their postcard  are simulating a real visit to the virtual exhibition. The postcards show the exhibition area that each student designed in the general layout plan and will be hanged froming a physical net.



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