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Concept 1

The relevance of Tools

Tool is materialization of the spirit (Koyré), architecture is the reification of a mental landscape allowed by the creation of tools.







Concept 2

Looking Inside

Only with a profound act of interrogation of the Tool a new vision can take place.



Steve (Jobs) looking inside a chip in 1976

Some bibliography


Do You want To read a text with some topics discussed in this conference? Read here >


Concept 3

Changing Notion of Space and Time

IT Tools are the most relevant prothesis been created so far. They allow a changing notion of space and time
(Contextual, Physiological, and Cognitive dimension of Space as Infomation text >)


Invisible space

Marcos Novak, Venice Biennal, 2000 >



Tecno Primitivo

project by designer in charge Emanuele Tarducci with C. Ampolo built in May 2007
at Giardino Sonoro, Florence experimental Sound Garden by Lorenzo Brusci e S. Passerotti "Il Giardino Sonoro" Florence >

as as

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tecnoprimitivepeopleas film map

Installation Tecno Primitive > | on Postural Tecno Primitive You Tube >

Concept 5

Architectural Investigations of New IT Tools in Architectural Writing and Investigations

IT Tools have in my experience of architectural writer a two way process: the allow new investigation of architecture and push towards new concept and new ways of communication





March 1984 - Mac Graphic system for the rest of us (1st 10000 buyer at CMU)

March 1985- Filevision Class investigation (pre-Gis in Graphical DataBase, CMU)

Fall 1986- Animation and Modeling in Story Scripting of Architecture, CMU) >

May 1988 - The workshop for Gas Production of Giuseppe Terragni (L'architettura cronache e storia, may 1998) >

October 1989 - Hypertxt on the Workshop for Gas production (Ecaade conference, Aarhus) >

Fall 1991 &1992 Reconstruction of Un built Architecture of Terragni in Object Based Modeling (ETH Zurich) >

September 1992 - Presentation of IT in Hystorical and Restauration congress (Docomomo, 2nd conference Dessau) >

October 1995 "Giuseppe Terragni, Life and Works" (Laterza Rome) >

November 1999 "Virtual Terragni" by Galli Muhlhoff (IT Revolution, Birkhauser) >

Spring 2004 "Terragni Futuro" (centenary of the birth Celebration course, La Sapienza Rome) >

December 2005 "Terragni Script" (Spot on School Exhibit, Florence) >

Winter 2006 "Terragni Architecture" (You tube complete Terragni architecture movie) >


Concept 6

Architectural Investigations of New IT Tools in Architectural Design thinking

Investigate architecture of the past "projecting" on it IT Tools moves architectural investigations in risky but a times very interesting results

See >



"Terragni futuro" Allestimento complessivo  (A. Mammucari, L, Mastroianni, A. Mazza, A. Principia. ) Corso Caad 2004, La Sapienza.
Vedi esiti complessivi >>Vedi Allestimento >>>>

"Terragni futuro" installazione (A.Sollazzo, A. Pietragalla e S. Lucani) Corso Caad 2004, La Sapienza.
vedi esiti complessivi > Vedi installazione >>>>



"Terragni futuro" installazione (A. Di Raimo G. Maffi) Corso Caad 2004, La Sapienza. vedi esiti complessivi >
Vedi installazione  e studi >>>>


"Terragni futuro" installazione (A. Pacillo, F. Rauco, F. Rispoli, G. Romeo) Corso Caad 2004, La Sapienza. vedi esiti complessivi >
Vedi installazione >>>>

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