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Louis Sauer and the Architecture of Low-rise High-density

A Strategy for the Balcan inner city

Lecture by Antonino Saggio
Polis University

Tirana Albania

February 22-23 2013

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0. Louis Sauer, Back Ground

1. Society Hill Philadelphia

2. Interno/Esterno Buten & McClennen

3. Relationship with the Setting Locust & Second TownHouses

4. Housing Package Lombard Condos

5. Housing Package Canterbury Gardens Golf Course

6. Grid and Urban Tapistery Pastorius Mews

7. Housing Package e Penn's Landing

8. Mixed Use Head House & NewMarket

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Let's Visit Society Hill

Working on the process

Un esempio dal lavoro del Laboratorio IV Saggio Alberto Tommasi su infill

Un esempio del laboratorio di Saggio benedetta Magrini su Mixed use

 Important Video about Design Process


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