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Antonino Saggio I Quaderni


Polis workshop 2015



Frank Owen Gehry

Architetture residuali
by Antonino Saggio

Polis University

Master Lecture and Workshop 2015


Film in progress 2015

Film of the Final presentation 2015


The Chessboard of Frank Owen gehry


1.Gehry: Assemblare/ to assemble


2. Gehry: Spaziare/ to create space


3. Gehry: Separare/ to cut
4. Gehry: Fondere/to melt

5. Gehry: Slanciare / to fling
6. Gehry: Liquefare/ to liquefy

The class is composed by different groups of students.

To the class is prsented a possible "logic and rationale" through each, every individual will adehere to a Key word or to the another accordingly with their interest and level.

Each individual is free to pick whatever category he/she thinks is better.
Then we create different tables in which each key word is the guiding. Students worked in group maximum of 3 persons !
To each group is given a key building for each category.

They work with a key moment and there is desk crit to check and see if they are going in the right direction
The final presentation jury was based on three elements

1. The "interpretation" of the Existing Buiding
2. The implementation of that building in the "Gehry Chess Board"
3. The movements other comaptible buildings with the same set of rules and or the application to specific site condition.

Polis 2015 workshop

with collaboration of architect

Ledian Bregasi
Faculty Member at Polis University


Participants 2015:

Figali Dordray

Dea Buza

Erman Bezhani

Bestor Celiezi

Marcela Volaj

Erman Hozha

Emel Peterci

Albina Berisha

Era Kubati

Besa Spaho



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