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Antonino Saggio I Quaderni


Polis University
Master Lecture and Workshop 2019

Zaha Hadid at Polis University 2019

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Lectures and Workshop
prof. Antonino Saggio

15-17 February 2019


II. The Weaved Infrastructure




1. Land Formation One




Google location


Vitra Fire station

Google Location


Bergisel Sky Jump


google location

Urbipedia complete

The Maaxi

see comments




Urbipedia complete

archidiap complete

Google Location

figure ground

yes weaving

continupos elatiosnhipof forces


Napoli Afragola high speed station


afragola google map

What architecture wants to Be?

Architecture wants to be an infrastructure

if it is weaved with ground form

if no difference between architecture and ground


wants to be an infrastructure.

It does not ount if "it is also" programmaticly an infrastructure

(bridge, a land form, a sky ramp a station) or just it imentally...

Google Map & Documentation

andare nella specifica di ciascuna casa in basso della foto e aprire in google per ciascuna opera


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