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On 22nd of May 2014 at 19:30 it has been published The 32 volume of the book series
"The IT Revolution In Architecture". François Roche Heretical Machinism and Living Architecture of New was published after a frenetic bouncing of information around the globe: the author, Antonino Di Raimo, was in Tirana, Albania, François Roche between Thailand and Paris , the publisher Edilstampa in Rome, the worldwide distributor Lulu in Raleigh North Carolina USA and my self in Teheran, Persia. It is just a "normal" example of what is the world today. The book will be soon distributed by amazon but is directley orderd and deliver home from the link below.

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Volume #32 of "The IT Revolution in Architecture", this book dedicated to François Roche and his group, raises questions of great importance for the development of architecture. What role can new material technologies have in a process in which the same materials have incorporated growing shares of active behaviors? For example, will they be self-cleaning, un-polluting, self-changing? To what extent will the various components of the buildings be increasingly “interconnected” and able to simulate processes typical of living systems, such as transpiration, dilation, growth, life, and death? Can we begin to speak of living “systems” in architecture? Antonino Di Raimo, PhD works with issues relating to IT and cognition, ecology, and the body. He serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Polis University, Tirana.




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