3x3 Matrix for the future
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Simposium Frankfurt DAM
Ingeborg Flagge, director  Peter Cachola Schmal curator

Real Player movies in English of Saggio's Talk at the Symposium Frankfurt July 2 2001

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Here translation in Chinese of essay New Subjectivity


It Revolution in Architecture/ Book series
Testo&Immagine Torino - Birkhäuser Basel, Berlin Boston


Van Gogh Gallery

Drillings into the Future

Peter Eisenman

How To move

Object /Subject:
Neue Sachlichkeit/Neue Subjektivität

A. Saggio in the Digital | Real Catalog
NewSubjectivity: architecture between Communication and Information

Neue Subjektivität: Architektur zwischen Kommunikation und Information

114 WebMaster La Sapienza 2001 course

3 Points about Information

The Cauliflower Metaphor

I. Information as Communication


II. Information as Production

Gehry/ Berlin

III. Information as Aesthetical crisis.



Here's a lot: An historical event

Digital Real

Second Part

3 Points about Interactivity

I.Physical Interactivity

Toyo Ito

Two ways direction

Physical and Emotional

Eduardo Kac and Roy Ascott Caiia Star Goup

II. Projected Interactivity

Gianni Ranaulo

III. Processual Interactivity

Gehry Associates

3x3 matrix.
Information: Communication, as Production, and as Aestetichal Crisis
Interactivity: Physical, as Projected and as Processual

Small Groups

The Hows

"..Mies Van Der Rohe, in closing the Werkbund Congress in Vienna in 1930, said, 'The new era is a reality; it exists
independently of the fact of whether or not we accept it or refuse it. It is neither better nor worse than any other era; it is
simply a given fact and is in itself indifferent of values. What is important is not the 'what' but purely and simply the
how '. The how is ours. "

from AS "A Manifesto for an Architecture of Information"

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