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Antonino Saggio I Quaderni

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Prof. Antonino Saggio, has been lecturing worldwide on Italian Contemporary Architecture, Information Technology & Architecture and Theory and Criticism of Architecture since 1988. In the first years, he participated to International and National conferences as referee speaker (Ecaade, Docomomo, Acadia, Caad Futrues, Icographics and others). Later he was invited as lecturer to Internaltional Symposia in Philadelphia, Frankfurt, Porto, Orelans, Florence, Venice, Wien, Santa Fe. In the last years he is giving keynote lectures or solo invited lectures in London, Athens, New Orleans, Barcellona, Taipei and in several cities in italy. He delivers every four years a conference at Institute of Architects of Rome about his on going research. Among the most relvant are: The figure of Giuseppe Terragni (Como 100th anniversay of the birth) Changing notion of Time and space in contemporary cities (AA London), Hybridation of Nature and Architecture (Seoul) Construction,Ethics and Information Technology (Barcellona), Modernity Crisis and IT (Athens), New substances (Rome). Go to all lectures with audio and video recordings >>

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