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Lines of Research from Caad to Information Technology
From 1975 to 2005
The emergence of a new Mental Landscape

Organizing board:
Yasha Grobman, Arch
Eran Neuman, Ph.D.
Abraham Yezioro, Ph.D.

Speech at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning
The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
School of Architecture
Tel Aviv University

Antonino Saggio
La Sapienza Rome
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Four Great Phases

1. "Computer Science applied to architecture". during the Seventhies

ed Roberts with the Altair mid seventies

originated from computer scinece Three pioneers
William Mitchell >
Chuck Eastman >
Nicolas Negroponte >

At The Beginning at the Eighties

Acadia in 1981 In Pittsburgh Carnegi Mellon
Founded In 1983

Leading Figure for the Foundation in Europe was
Tom Maver >


What was going all that time?
Scientific structure borrowed directly from Computer Science

2. The Graphic Operating System 1984 on





The Idea of Mental Landscape emerging in Architecture during The Eighties


3. The Third Phase "The Information Technology  R E V O L U T I O N  Cultural Change"

Planned in November 1996 first book in Italian March 1998 in Italy in English November 1999


Noow that we have The Chrtres of ZURICH


4. Resources Big Money by above all Cirsi and new Challanges
ecctera as example Eth World, Coming to

3,3 millions swiss francs more or less one milion euro (duemila miliardi)

Proundly re-shape
World of Multiple Chices
Continuing reconfiguration on Knolwedge see Florida


Web-based Collaboration

Rapid Protyping

Analysis and Creation of Form and Fabric

Inteligent Materials


Some Example of  AS Work ...

Course and Final Film - Terragni Futuro 2004 
See site and Movie >>>>

Course and Final Film - Texpo 2003....
See Site and Movie >>>

This Year we are working on the "tools" .....


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