TExPO 2004
final Project of

Information Technology in Architecture Course
Theory Practice Design
Prima Faculty di Architecture Ludovico Quaroni University La Sapienza -Roma

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Picture of The Show TEXPO in New York City April 2004
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Picture of The Show TEXPO in NFlorence october 2003
Exhibit "Spot on Schools" at the Leopolda Station
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Explanation of the project:


The final work produced in 2003 by Antonino Saggio's Class at Rome La Sapienza is called Texpo and proposed a large virtual exhibit on the banks of the Tiber, In the Ostiense area, between the Gasometer to the north and the Marconi bridge to the south. They are twenty-five projects/installations, each located in a specific site inside a harmonic master plan that redesigns the banks of the Tiber as a series of emerging thresholds, generating areas with various shapes and bents, Each project/installation is characterized by a series of aspects which can be outlined as follows.

A. First of all each project i based on a "theoretical and technological" theme that is relevant for today's information research (sensors, quanta, topological structures, innovative materialized, projective or physical interactivity, etc.)

B: Each them e generates a "story", i.e. finds a concrete application by means of an effort that links research to reality. Often they are real functional facilities that support the exhibit  (a projection tower,  a thermal facility, a baby sitting area ...) while at other times they are installations  (Space events on  the water,Moments of meditations  and Therapy, Changeable Landscape  configurations, etc.,)
C. Each Project/installation is part of an area of Tempo. Hence there is a specify design of the space, of its surrounding and of its link with the adjacent interventions, as well as with the project at large.

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Credits Texpò

Ideazione e coordinamento
Corso di progettazione architettonica assistita de La Sapienza (Antonino Saggio, Francesco De Luca, Italia Rossi)

Master Plan
Ilaria Benassi (Tesi di laurea a La Sapienza 99)

Progetti delle installazioni See below

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Teams and Themes

(the title of the work links to the specific site of each exhibit, the links of the name to the specific home site of each student)
English Translation A. Camiz,



 Thermal interactive pavillion. 


Pistilli Fabrizio

Raddi Caterina

TallarO Salvatorluca

Vanini Diego

microchips - In4mation ? Thermal interactive pavillion.
Water is the most dynamic element we can imagine, and the flux concept is an intriguing interpretative key, especially if related with the river and itís relation to the city. The choice of a thermal pavillion as a design assignment in the city of Rome, is the intersection point between a traditional use of water, lost in time, and the need to discover a strong relation with the Tevere river, using a dynamic path from the city level to the river level.


Architecture as Spectacle

The Gazometer at Texpo2003

Olivieri Marco

Pitzalis Federico

Janni Gordon

Marinelli Alessandro

jamfrequency  - Architecture as spectacle, the Texpo 2003 

A ďscenic machineĒ as a landmark for the city of Rome. The nebulization and projection systems, lights and sounds are studied independently as  technical devices and then mounted together to obtain different performances. A capsule rises and descends slowly in the centre of the gasometer


cerebral waves generate spatial events 


Ampolo Claudio

Biagini Luca

Proietti Alessandra

e_le_ments  - emerging? cerebral waves generate spatial events

A trip in the space of the mind looking for psychophysical stability.
To translate the immaterial mental space into a real and immersive one: a place where body and mind can merge into a self-massage The wave is the instrument for the mind to emerge, it is a performant matter, an inter_reactive space modulated by peopleís cerebral activity.

Museum Flows


Sciannamea Fabrizio

meafaber  - Semplogy ? museum flows

Is it possible to foresee the visitorsí flow inside a museum hall ? With analytical attitude (not scientific) using Cellular Automata: yes.
In the last years these mathematical models are applied especially in town planning to foresee urban growth, and traffic flows in small centres. C.A. can elaborate the system we are studying so to underline the character and the dynamics, increasing the knowledge degree of the whole.


Visceral Space

commercial spaces inside an organic architecture. 

bauco group

Arduini Luigina

Bernardi Luca

Di Cosimo Eleonora


bauco group  - Visceral space ? commercial spaces inside an organic architecture.

Architecture in the information age is very sensible to itís surroundings. In particular, architecture has built a special relation with human beings, since these can use it while they become part of it, in their organic and ďspiritualĒ qualities. We donít see and study anymore the human body as a measurement system, as proportion and rational principle, but as a model on sensibility, interaction and the ability to communicate. Itís dynamism becomes the uprooting of form, from stability and traditional order, looking for an indeterminate condition of becoming.



Architecture of the soul

sine nomine

Costantini Gianguido

D'Annibale Virgili

Fanasca Massimo

Ramundo Alessandra

Proietti Francesca

Existenz ? architecture of the soul

This design finds itís theoretical roots within the study of hypnosis, the visitor while still conscious and awake is guided in an introspective trip back to his prenatal phase. Human personality in the contemporary world goes through a necessary dissociation, loosing one mind is necessary to find it again. The person is becoming background rather than object, sceptical doubt rather than certainty, crisis rather than empathy. The reality passes through the human being without friction so that he looses the self conscience Suggestion considered as therapeutic opportunity, gives to the visitor the perception of his deep realm through the conformation of space. We are not offering an alternative realm for escaping but a discovery journey to the inner life of our conceivement.


Vegetable Architecture
hiyper-architettura e sostenibilità: convergenz 

Carlani Raffaele


Vegetable architecture ? hyper sustainable architecture: convergence. 

If we analyse the resources that our civilization can afford, it is clear that the huge difference between supply and demand is quite unbalancing. The concentrated nature of traditional provision systems can be overtaken. Vegetable architecture copies vegetable technology and suggests energetic autarchic structures exploiting the opportunities of information technology (interaction between environment and building), the latest photovoltaic technologies, an architecture can be considered a productive opportunity rather than an energetic black hole.

Architectural Cages
a thorax called archtecture.


Pancia Stefano

Scalici Giuseppe


Biomorphism  - Architectural cages, a thorax called archtecture.

Analysing biomorphic aspects of architecture: we will try to outline the movement of information from the architectural to the natural domain, merging the strictness of proportions with organic deformations, so to invent a communicative architecture.

programmable platforms

Giordani Michela

IMikea ? programmable platforms

This project suggests several platforms on water. These platforms can be programmed into different reciprocal configurations following the mechanics of hierachical structures.

Eadem mutata resurget s
even though the same, revives changed.

Morphologically programmable surface
Non active link

Chiovenda Francesco

Placco Cinzia

Venanzoni Daniele

Eadem mutata resurget ? even though the same, revives changed.

Morphologically programmable surface, not active link.

This design is looking for a meeting point between digital and real space, a third nature dimension for these two attempts to find a common ground. The decisive step is the internet: the synergy between hyperarchitecture and world wide web gives birth to a living organism with multiple personalities, an ever changing organic skin: a huge lizard penetrating the folding soil and becoming skateramp, arena, or a plain animal sleeping on the Tevere river banks. "Eadem mutata resurget".

Arena 2003

new playsgrounds


Serangeli Daniele

Squanquerillo Valerio

Tozzi Claudia

Veneziani Alessia

Ranfoni Sabrina

PIXELated - Arena 2003 ? new playsgrounds
Sports have always existed and have always been a spectacle, for leisure or a professional activity. People need sports and have set aside special sites for their practice. The places for sports have changed in the centuries following different needs and fancies. 
New information technologies havenít changed the nature of sports: only architecture found in IT a new expressive media, faster, stronger and more incisive, capable to satisfy the new rules of actual society.
Spaces and technologies arenít optional anymore, they are mass produced elements for the spectacle. Not spectacle of space but spectacular space, not a container but a tension field. 



Home Hosting
Home hosting - Permanent structures for temporary houses 


Antonelli Fabio

Betti Giovanni

De Licio Michela

Scarpa Cristiano

Settimelli Gabriele


_mobildream - Home hosting - Permanent structures for temporary houses

Society is moving, the house is moving. Home Hosting starts as a reflection of web-hosting: from email, and remote hard disks arouses the opportunity to find oneself everywhere in the world. The real estate company is offering you a house that looks exactly like you look, in each part of the world, all you need to do is book it in advance!



Acosta Fontana Carlos

Chiaretti Gabriele

D'Elia Massimo


n.u._v.u. - Intermediating-computer-screen-man

Technologies are driving men to use the everchanging digital devices in a direct manner. Our goal is to create an interface that supplies a new perception of the data that machine is exchanging using direct human interaction. The purpose is to build a screen-element than does not only represent canonical bidimensional images but offers the opportunity to control directly the machine with tactile contact.


The sunflower

An Architectural installation with a memory of form

sun flower

Aimola Alessandro

Di Lelio Luca

Tomassi Bernardino


sun flower -  - The sunflower - An Architectural installation with a memory of form

Materials with memory of form can change their configuration following the temperature of the surroundings, so to have a consistent exchange between environment-time of day-person: in my opinion these materials can be considered alive. We want to use these materials for an installation interacting with the environment and with the people that use it. This environment will be changing with continuity and will never be constrained in closed stillness. The building must be an immovable monolythical symbol and in the same time a symbol of fluid continuous change.


Time as mandamental line of space.

gruppo REC

Biagiola Valerio

Bianchi Mattia

Casciotti Alessandro

gruppo REC - Blurring time ? Time as mandamental line of space.

Since Giacomo Ballaís work, many artists have explored movement and studied a manner to relate with time flow. Futurism underlined overlapping photograms playing with simultaneous divisions; since then time relativity has showed effects on art in different ways. Looking at surroundings Balla studied mandamental lines as they appeared in nature and inserted them in his paintings. These concepts have followed different direction in the different arts. Time has become the fourth dimension of space. Nowadays many explore this theme artistically: Eisenmanís studies on movement as well as Greg Lynnís vertebrate and parasite structures suggest different solutions for the same problem.

Link non active iLa Rivoluzione Della Nanotecnologia

arc.3Cerrmentini Gianluca

Coia Manuel

Cornice Berardo


fsensible flows 


Angelini Rosetta

Cioffi Massimiliano

Di Laurenzio Andrea

Scerrato Federica

Solombrino Olivia


f.o.r.m.a. - e-metro ? sensible flows

The architecture of intelligence is the architecture of the communication networks.
A way to understand the networks is to think about communities, networks of persons. Digital networks as organic ones are quite intelligent. Electricity puts everything in contact being omnipresent. If electrons run on a wired line, handling their flow we can generate intelligence

Mother Ada

interactive ludic space for children


Capobasso Barbara

Fornetti Patrizia

Marcoccia Alessandra

Miscetti Andrea

Cortinovis Maria Valentina

ADAptives - Mother ada ? interactive ludic space for children

The peculiar element we are focusing on is the AGGREGATION ability of children, their ability to create protosocial structures with rules and hierarchies . Studying a consistent sample of individuals (our idea is not constrained to a single site but can be exported and installed in different places, different cultures) can guide us to the accomplishment of models describing behavioural dynamics. In the same way that the study of COMPLEX ADAPTIVE SYSTEMS suggests in other disciplines (i.e. bird moving within a flight, sand grain yielding, storm formation, crystal formation), where single entities are initially independent and then become articulated while aggregating: a group of children that donít know each other look as a CHAOTIC situation in the beginning: if they are correctly stimulated an left alone, they organizer themselves into complex structures. CRITICAL SELF ORGANIZATION.


Interactive Navigation

nautical exposition and interactive spaces.


Bielli Pierluigi

Cerquozzi Sante


 if_possible ? Interactive navigation  nautical exposition and interactive spaces.

Interactivity is a real situation, an existential condition, common and usual for human beings; architecture generates space for humans so it must keep this same character. Our goal is an organism that can respond to actions done by men and environment. Architecture modifies the environment that modifies architecture using external events and specific conditions of the site. To think about the Tevere as a molecular flow of water as well as data, means navigating on it. The flow lines of optical fibres deform themselves into a space holding real and immaterial flows becoming an architecture in between image and de_formation.

Full Immersion


De Martinis Andrea

Di Girolamo Simone

di&de - Acquatic fish ? full immersion

Acquatic Fish represents the essentiality of transparence, natural elements such as water, absolutely, are the vital elements of a continuos moving fish. A transparent body for external and internal surfaces to merge, where we fall in the inside and find ourselves immersed completely in a new water-world: we now feel observed elements and arenít visitors anymore.






Real destinations through virtuality. 


Del Signore Marcella

Fochetti Elisa

Luciano Francesca

Mililli Roberta

Roppo Barbara


infinite^5 - Continuum everted ? Real destinations through virtuality.

Our research turned itís attention towards an ideal landscape, a commercial product giving life to a virtual travel agency offering the chosen landscape and the personalized solution for enjoying it.
The final outcome emerges from the irrational choices the users can make in the sensible areas of images, sounds and movement. The sensible spaces are freely arranged and provoke sensorial and technological modifications inside the park.


Playing House

Playing house as a flexible architecture. 

spazi domotici

Bove Lavinia

Caprera Alessia

Silvestri Alessandro


domotic spaces - Playing house -  Playing house as a flexible architecture.

Playing House is a ludic experiment aimed to explore the spatial flexibility inside the domestic space. The users are invited to follow a path where they will imagine and live the spaces, absolutely flexible spaces, inside a house built on his own emotions and experiences

Miralanza Subjective Cocktail Bar

choose your cocktail interactively - a bar where you can order interacting with space.

percezione delirante

Berardo Susan

Carfagna Daniele 

Lai Francesco

Tattolo Vincenzo


Delirious perception- Miralanza subjective cocktail bar ? choose your cocktail interactively - a bar where you can order interacting with space.

Man and architecture interact with a continuous exchange of information. Space, confined by pulsing membranes, is experienced like an hypertext where we can navigate through sounds and images. Architecture is absorbing the choices and syntesizing them into a cocktail, a metaphor of interaction architecture-man, a small personalized space where we taste something of ourselves, in every sense.

Traslating Real into Virtual 

Realizing an interactive documentation system for the Tor di Quinto Mausoleum on the via Nomentana.


Lisena Michele

Lisena ? Translating real into virtual ? Realizing an interactive documentation system for the Tor di Quinto Mausoleum on the via Nomentana.
My thematic research is finalized to investigate a selected theme of the graduation thesis. I realized ďan interactive documentation system for the Tor di Quinto Mausoleum on the via NomentanaĒ very similar to the system that the Soprintendenza Archeologica of Rome did for the restoration of 8 small roman tombs on the via Appia in 1998-1999.


TExPO 2003

Trailer In Architecture

ddr absint(e)

De Bonis Antonello

Dominelli Cosimo

Rizza Diego

 ddr absint(e) - Texpo 2003 ? trailer in architecture
Creation of a ďtrailerĒ of the architecture of the Texpo 2003, dynamical web site geographically localized in a movie summarizing the works and the themes exhibited at Texpo 2003.


Ideazione e Coordinamento: Antonino Saggio, Francesco De Luca, Italia Rossi

Master Plan: Ilaria Benassi

Progetti: Classe CAAD 2003