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Antonino Saggio I Quaderni


Louis Kahn at Polis University 2016



Polis University
Master Lecture and Workshop 2016



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Terragni 2012

Sauer 2013

Eisenman 2014

Gehry 2015


Audio Recordings and Images



Images First part: Louis Kahn in the context of the 50s: the search for meaning

Listen The speech

Images Second part: Louis Kahn Outline of the overall production

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Images Third part: Bryn Mawr by Louis Kahn Function IS ...

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you have to read at the article "Forma è funzione" to see the skectches from the link above


Images Fourth part and Video: the Chessboard of Lous Kahn

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(introduction to te class and some discussion)



Antonino Saggio, Architettura e Modernità Dal Bauhaus a La rivoluzione Informatica, Carocci, 2010 ^^



Interactve lesson on Bryn Mawr

Kahn Bach dell'architettura

good articles on Arch Daily

T O U R google map

Trenton Bath House

Rochester Unitarian

Hurva Synagoue

Exterer Library

Kimbell Art Museum

Richards Laboratories

Unitarian Church Rochester

Salk Institute La Jolla

British Center Yale New Haven

Dacca Parlement

Bryn Mawr College


G R E A T -- 2 Ds -- W Espana

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