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Yale  Architecture


Summer Program in Civita di Bagnoregio
  prof. Norma Barbacci
prof. Glenn Boornazian


The Impact of Information Technology in Historic Centers

prof. arch. Antonino.Saggio@uniroma1.it
"Sapienza" University of Rome


Lecture 2008


Grimanesa Amoros
Installation in the Tower of Civita

July 2019

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Key Words

1.Ghost Cties
One of the major problems in Italy

2. Hard Work

The need to save preserve and the evolve the Historic Heritage

3. Plug in Design
Architecture  civic spaces and Art as Homeopatic Cures

4. Urban Coreography

5. Creative Analysis

6. Pertinent Narration
Create (or invent) a pertinent narrative for the context

7. Reinterpretation of Existing Resources

8. Role of Information Technology in the Field of Interconnections


Hard Work
the need to save preserve and the evolve the Historic Heritage

Labes. Scavo e stratigrafia archeologica quale occasione attive del progetto urbano. Metro C, Museo dei ritrovamenti, Teatro Interattivo Spazi commerciali e per Risistemazione del mercato la via Sannio, Roma

Cristian Farinella, Lortena Greco AA 08-09 Relatore A. Saggio Saspienza Universitìy of Rome
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Progetto per la valorizzazione del patrimonio archeologico e artistico dell'area "Ad duas Lauros"

Denise Franzè AA 08-09 Relatore A. Saggio Sapienza Universitìy of Rome
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Published in this book


Pertinent Narration

Sicily Lab Gioiosa Marea 2007

Sossio de Vita


De Vita already reveals in the title of the project the intensity of his conceptual, theoretical, and design approach to the city. The "palischermi" are actually the boats used in the "tonnara," which, in this seaside city, are also used in sagas, strength competitions, and events. The investigation carried out by this designer is comprehensive: from the reasons and organizations of the town in relation to the mountains, to the constant reconsideration of the relationship with the sea created by the railway, to the role of fishing and diving. The ancient tools of the sea and fishing (the vessels, the different types of configurations and reconfigurations of the nets and sails) anticipate the immersive world of computer technology.


Reinterpreation of Existing resources

Sicily Lab Gioiosa Marea 2008

The Cave of Tono as a space for sound and visual installations by contemporary artists.

Luigi Valente

Valente focuses his study on the Cave of Tono, a geologically rich structure from a naturalistic point of view, connecting the rocky cliff on which the city of Gioiosa Marea is settled and the sea. This cave, where prehistoric remains have been found, has recently been made accessible through guided tours. Valente applies his studies on underground structures to this context and identifies an interesting mode of use that is compatible with the interest and delicacy of the natural space. The underground area is equipped with a sound infrastructure (speakers of various power, characteristics, and arrangements) and image projectors. This infrastructure allows the Cave of Tono to be offered to a musician who (potentially in collaboration with a video artist) transforms the structure into a tailor-made sound installation. The installation can be visited by the public using the same current methods but can generate a culturally significant attraction for the town. The Cave of Tono thus comes to life and resonates with emotional and sensory depths, projecting the visitor into other dimensions. Valente's participation in the workshop was active and brilliant in all its phases, including assistance and support during some stages of editing and conceptualization of the works common to the entire workshop.

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Urban Coreography

Tulane New Orleans
Workshops in Sicily Lab



INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY... key representation + text

Leggi Un articolo Su Archeomatica

Texas Tech Lubbock

Urban  Creative Analysis




Plug In Design
Architecture; civic space and art as Homeopatic cures

Nitro Actions in Gioiosa Marea
September 3-9
, 2012

Nitro gioiosa MArea Antonino Saggio



Pict by Rosamaria Faralli

2016 : Reciprocal, 2017, Tensigrit 2018, Gioiosa Chapel 2018



2016 : Reciprocal

Reinterpretation of Existing resources

Role of Information Technology
in the field of interconnections

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Reciprocal 2016 read article

Antonino Saggio
Matteo Baldissara
Valerio Galeone
Davide Motta
Valerio Perna
Gabriele Stancato
Alessandro Perosillo
Silvia Primavera
Manuela Seu
Michele Spano



Gioiosa Chapel 2018




Role of Information Technology
in the field of interconnections

Un'installazione interattiva nella grotta neolitica di Gioiosa Marea





MetaTono - Un'installazione interattiva nella grotta neolitica di Gioiosa Marea

Oggetto: Installazione pubblica in uno spazio urbano
Dove: Gioiosa Marea (Me) Belvedere tra via Roma e via Forzano
Quando: Domenica 11 settembre 2022
Titolo: MetaTono - Una installazione interattiva nella grotta neolitica di Gioiosa Marea
Contatto: prof. Antonino Saggio, Sapienza Università di Roma 333 362 5887
Patrocinio: Comune di Gioiosa Marea, ProLoco di Gioiosa Marea
Autore: SicilyLab
Sito con foto ad alta definizione: http://www.nitrosaggio.net/metatono/


Sicily Lab 2022

Antonino Saggio
Alessandra Antonini
Gaetano De Francesco
Arianna Giardina
Michela Falcone
Valerio Perna



Film renderizzato oculus
di Valerio Perna


Modello 3d navigabile
di Gaetano De Francesco Michela Falcone


And This Year?
UnLost City

Mostra : "plug-in design"
Information Technology e Architettura. Il lavoro del Sicily Lab per gli spazi urbani di Gioiosa Marea.

Gioiosa Marea - Sicily Lab - via Umberto I n. 211
Domenica, 31 agosto 2008 ore 19,30

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