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Talk in Washington Univesity in Saint Louis



Special Page dedicated to the Book Roma A_venire


Antonino Saggio & Scanner@Nitro (Aldo Mammucari Lorenzo Mastroianni Alessandro Mazza Alfredo Principia)

With this link you can see online all completed projects illustrated in the book in the original boards and acces extra material such as video, presentations, detailed texts for each project

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With This link you can order the book at and have it delivered at Home. You can also download the pdf or look it on line for free

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Email to ask Scanner a copy at a reduced price of First edition



Lecture at Washington University in Saint Louis

Listen the Talk 50 minutes


Other key material on the book

Main concepts

new substances

2. Economic force of Information Society

3. Mixitè











Localization in GoogleEarth and google maps of all the projects


Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa 

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