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Antonino Saggio

Deal with the relationship music architecture may signify at least 6 different things

1. structural parallelism in "compositional order" among the two different disciplines. With regard to special convergence in these "digital" days.

2. cultural convergence of music and architecture (and other other disciplines) towards a common ground and sensibility

3. spaces for music created by architecture (churches auditoriums opera hause. The "musts")

4. music that evocates architecture composition

5. experimental multimedia convergence between music & architecture

6. digital convergence of space in the revolutionary idea of Space as Information. Novak and Nitro Saggio


1. structural parallelism in "compositional order" among the two different disciplines. With regard to special convergence in these "digital" days. (Key concept Rimixability)

Nuova Oggettività/Nuova Soggettività
Spazio organo/Spazio sistema


From Antonino Saggio, Introduzione alla rivoluzione Informatica in Architettura, Carocci, Roma 2007



2. cultural convergence of music and architecture and other other disciplines towards a common ground (coreography in baroque time, absolute space-metric in industrial newtonian space, fragmentation and serialism after second world war)

proportional rules from Music to architecture (alberti for example)

see entire work on research part Music&Architecture >>

Antonino Di Raimo Thesis Music Dance and Architecture Local

Web address DIDATTICA/Tesidilaurea/Diraimo/1.Htm

In particular the greatest revolutionof the creation of "absolute" space and absolute time of the Newton correspond to the creation of the "metric" space of classical Symphony. Within this new structure musical events happens "inside" space "inside" time and not any more as serieuso of self conencting elements. This concept derivise from bandur 2003 p. 22-23


In one way the serialism is an application of Modernist techniques (in fact stockhausen found an analogy with le Corbusier's. Its scope is to avoid rwptition of identical structures in a similar way as individual beings are all different altought they belong to the same species.

((in this way, i will add, serialism is most similar with structuralism in philosophy and antropology and also in Architecture...)

Some concepts applies to serialism that can be applied also to Modulor

3. spaces for music created by architecture churches auditoriums and other form (best example Toyo Ito, but at least Scharoun and Gehry and relationship between space interpretation and architecture)

years ago i assisted to a talk of a porfessor and friend Luciio Barbera who is a greta expert of musci and personal friend of some composer. i remember that lesson that stressed one fact. There is a correspondence betwenne musci and architecture that is not only a cultural correspondance there is also a funztional one. There is a way in whcih music riverberates into architecture! The simplest one to think this is naturally the nadscapes and the regional music.

imagine the long and prolongated echoes of the mountain spaces and those long sounds.

Imagine the syntopactis tarantella and the small choreograpphy urban scenes of Naples

imagines the songs and musci of sailors and so on..

This kind of riverberation is laso applied to the builiding and is what my friend showed.

He showed a Palecristian Church togehter with a specific music of thta time

or a gothic cathedral

or a baroque sunique nave space and so on always accompanygn the Music

vva ..



see in You Tube "il Motivo dii Sant'ivo" or local >>

One very Known example,

Three examples at least must be know in the relationship of contemporary Architc true and Musci

First is Hans scharoun Auditorium uin Berlin

John Johansenn Mummers Theathre

Frank Gehry Auditorium Los Angeles

aGraduation Thesis/Tesi di Laurea

Relatore A. Saggio
Una Nuova Fenice a Venezia



4. Music that evocates architecture composition Gene Coleman

Gene Coleman
Composer and Artistic Director
Soundfield, NFP
Ensemble N_JP
404 Lincoln Ave.
Collingswood, New Jersey
Mobile: ++1 856-986-1941

3 or 21 minutes

AndoLangen 2007


Esperimental multimedia convergence Le Corbusier, Ito, Coop Himmenblau

But As everybody Nows is the Philps PAvillon Of Le corbusier that creates a complex environment

YOu Tube >> reconstruction and documentary local MP4 >

You Tube poeme elettronique original Local MP4 >

The key idea is Multimediality !! The same message bonds form one media to the other to capture the specatator within a new world.

This is an anti-modulor thinking! Because if the modulor is related to as series of porportionally scaled relationships and dimnesione this is anti statc in nature, it is environmental.







Capirinha production

Coop Himmelb(I)au, Vienna

Associated architect

Gebert Liechti Schmid

Landscape architect

Zulauf Seippel Schweingruber

Coop Himmenblau expo svizzero 2002

Towers of power: Bienne's arteplage is the largest of the four and is based around a trio of monumental towers clad in a shimmering lightweight metal mesh skin - Critical Essay

Architectural Review, The
, Sept, 2002 by Catherine Slessor
Lying at the eastern end of the Bieler See, at the point where French-speaking west Switzerland meets the German-speaking north-east, Bienne is the largest town involved in Expo and has the largest arteplage.

Occupying a disused industrial lot on the edge of the lake, Bienne's arteplage explores notions of 'Power and Freedom'. 'Freedom' is loosely expressed through a deliberately chaotic ensemble of pavilions in the expopark of varying sizes, forms and materials, interspersed with more sober service buildings made of timber. Some of the pavilions are exquisitely designed for mere temporary structures -- 'Strangers in Paradise' by Ingrid Burgdorf and Barbara Burren (which takes an acerbic look at Swiss cultural stereotypes), has an immaculate concrete frame enclosed in a translucent skin of polycarbonate panels.

Stefano Passerotti Lorenzo Brusci,Giardino Sonoro_ La Limonaia dell'Imperialino Firenze

another very interesening experience is

he made different installations for


Digital convergence of space in the revolutionary idea of Space as Information. Novak and Nitro Saggio


Vai alla Carta di zurigo


Diagram emerging of a digital landscape


Animate Form

New York Presbyterian Church, Queens, New York City, NY, .us
MMA Michael Mcinturf Architects, Cincinnati, OH .us
LynnFORM, Venice, CA .us
Garofalo Architects, Chicago, IL .us

from Digital | Real DAM, Curator. P. Schmal, Frankfurt

Towards Emotional interactive enviroments in the city


RAD Oma consultant ,Sk Building Seoul See Building Movie Local > >

Jam Frequency Olivieri Marco,Pitzalis Federico, Janni Gordon, Marinelli Alessandro, Saggio Course La Sapienza Local > Web >

all the works of Texpo >


Architettura dell'Immateriale
laura giovannetti     - silvia guerrieri     - luca matulli     - raoul vergati
Link to the site,

AS, Course, Caad 2001, La Sapienza, Rome


Santiago Calatrava


Marcos Novak


Decoi  Mark Goulthorpe



Genetration of space from Musical Notation

Marina Lo Re Anastasia Lo Sinno Simona Miele Alberto Sansi Andrea Stolzi

web site >>>

Vedi il film sul web e segui il link alla tesi>>> >>



  Go to Thesis >>

  Go to movie Low R >>



The Changing Notion of Time

See the entire lecture and text about the conncetion betwen space and Information >>>>


a a


Tecno Primitivo

project by designer in charge Emanuele Tarducci with C. Ampolo built in May 2007 at Giardino Sonoro, Florence experimental Sound Garden by Lorenzo Brusci e S. Passerotti "Il Giardino Sonoro" Florence >





Installation Tecno Primitive >>

tecnoprimitivepeople film map

on Postural Tecno Primitive You Tube >

a a



Some bibliography




Do You want To read a text with some topics discussed in this conference? Read here >


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musicican Manuel Chao. Develops a folding system for free performance. Can be developed in the issue of rimixability (P&r biennale) and also infra-free equipments


a musician that works with collage and parts named Kaada, similar rithms compositions. She wants to create a space frame


possibilty of electronici music. he creates kind of urban dolmens three


woodstock solid ground stone columns


Un concetto abbatanza interessante musicista che suona gli oggetti trovatri dell'architettura come se fossero pipes doors eccetera


Pink floyd fare qualcosa in the gran c anynon


Djorje balasevic si evolve nella casa ad "elle" tipica della sua regione

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