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Archilab   "The Naked City"  Orleans 2004

Archilab 2004 si è rivelato particolarmente vivace nelle discvussioni tra architetti e critici.. Saggio ha formalizzato una serie di parole chiave che caratterizzano il suo approccio alla didatttica "critica". Sono:

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Dopo la presentazione di alcuni aspetti e di alcuni contenuti legati a parole chiave si è entrati nel merito di alcuni aspetti del lavor0, in particolare su Texpo 03.

Antonino Saggio  present some aspects of his teaching activity pointing particulare attention to final projects. In particular at ArchiLab 04 because of the year's theme (The Naked city) his presentation will focus on  the Project Called Texpo.  Texpo proposes a large virtual exhibit on the banks of the Tiber, in the Ostiense area, between the Gasometer to the north and the Marconi bridge to the south. They are twenty-five projects/installations, each located in a specific site inside a master plan that redesigns the banks of the Tiber as a series of emerging thresholds, generating areas with various shapes and bents, Each project/installation is characterized by a series of aspects which can be outlined as follows.
A. First of all each project i based on a "theoretical and technological" theme that is relevant for today's information research (sensors, quanta, topological structures, innovative materialized, projective or physical interactivity, etc.) , B: Each theme generates a "story", i.e. finds a concrete application by means of an effort that links research to reality. Often they are real functional facilities that support the exhibit  (a projection tower,  a thermal facility, a baby sitting area ...) while at other times they are installations  (Space events on  the water,Moments of meditations  and Therapy, Changeable Landscape  configurations, etc.,)
C. Each Project/installation is part of an area of Texpo. Hence there is a specify design of the space, of its surrounding and of its link with the adjacent interventions, as well as with the project at large.

Stazione Leopolda 2 ottobre 2003, FIRENZE 2003 Inaugurazione

Lazio and Beyond April 2004, New York

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Le  circa 90 cartoline 300 Inviate Florence

Le circa 200 cartoline inviate per new Tork 2004

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Ideazione AS e Italia Rossi. Allestimento e progettazione esecutiva I. Rossi con Claudio Ampolo e Alessandra Proietti
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